Gain complete financial sovereignty without all the complexity

Running a bitcoin full node is the only way to interact with the network in a truly sovereign way. Until now, it has been a complex and unfriendly process to install and configure a Bitcoin full node. Dojo changes that.

Dojo software is offered as a set of pre configured Docker containers that can run on any environment and semi-automates the end-to-end process of installation and configuration.

A single command is all it takes to begin the entire process of installing and configuring the needed components, securing the networking, and downloading the blockchain. Once the initial block download is complete you can pair your Samourai Wallet to your new Dojo by simply scanning a QR code.


The most private way to interact with the Bitcoin network.

Samourai Wallet is already unrivaled in transaction privacy, but the default configuration is still subject to network level privacy loss. Hosting your own Dojo allows you to simply bypass our default servers and circumvent these concerns. Simple.

By Default, Samourai Wallet will connect to our centrally controlled Dojo hosted in Iceland. We don't store logs of IP addresses, but you have to take our word for it. By hosting your own Dojo wallet server you can bypass our servers completely when using Samourai Wallet or Sentinel.


Professional grade and battle tested in production. Dojo supports the most modern Bitcoin standards.

Dojo can handle all the advanced functionality provided within Samourai Wallet. Full SegWit support is provided by default as well as support for all standard Bitcoin address and Extended Public Key (XPUB) types.

Dojo natively support Bitcoin standards BIP44, BIP49, BIP84, BIP47, P2PKH, P2SH, and Bech32 as well as Samourai only functionality such as Mempool Orchestrator, Whirlpool tracker and more...


Automatically configured using best practices to keep your network privacy intact.

Dojo is designed to operate over the Tor network by default. The configuration has been fine tuned to offer both network security and privacy protection while still allowing your wallet remote access. All handled automatically so you don't have to worry about it.

The Bitcoin full node is automatically configured to be accessible as an ephemeral Tor hidden service. The Dojo API - which your wallet uses to interact with your self hosted Dojo - is automatically configured to be accessible as a static Tor hidden service. A web based maintenance dashboard is accessible from any device using a Tor web browser subject to correct authorizations.


Connect to and manage your Dojo from anywhere with an easy to use interface served over a Tor hidden service

The no hassle bitcoin full node server that seamlessly and privately powers your Samourai Wallet.

Execute maintenance tasks and view node status, or interact with your Dojo from any Tor web browser allowing for easy management of your Dojo, even when you are on the go.

RoninDojo Tanto

RoninDojo and Samourai are excited to engage in an exclusive partnership to provide Dojo preinstalled on premium, high quality hardware for the true plug-n-play experience. Finally, bringing a full node to Grandma.

The no hassle bitcoin full node server that seamlessly and privately powers your Samourai Wallet.

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