Introducing PaymentNyms

stealthily send and receive bitcoin with a publicly shareable code
PayNyms Supported Here

Add a contact's PaymentNym to send them bitcoin stealthily

Find existing contacts who have a PaymentNym

We've made it easier to find your contacts and friends who have a PaymentNym with our public directory Simply search for your contacts by email, twitter, facebook, or reddit and add their code to your wallet.

Add your contacts PaymentNym to your wallet

A broadcast transaction will be sent to the blockchain that creates a unique 1-1 connection between both your wallet and the contact's wallet. This private connection allows you to deterministically generate bitcoin addresses for the contact that are only known to you both.

Simple private sending

Once the broadcast transaction has one confirmation simply tap the contact to immediately and privately send Bitcoin directly to that wallet.

Share your PaymentNym publicly without privacy loss.

Share your PaymentNym

Your PaymentNym is unique to the wallet and never changes. You can publish and share your paymentNym publicly without a loss of privacy.

Seamlessly receive payments

When your PaymentNym is added by another wallet a one way connection is established with their wallet and your wallet. This private connection allows their wallet to privately send your wallet bitcoin at anytime. You will never need to manually communicate a bitcoin address with that contact again.

Early Access Open Now

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