Introducing Ricochet

A premium transaction that improves fungibility and frustrates Blockchain spies
Ricochet Transaction

Thousands of legitimate transactions are flagged as suspicious every day

Bitcoin Banks and Exchanges freeze funds and suspend users based on blacklists published by Blockchain spies.

AML report from blockchain spies

Blockchain spies look at the history of your coins around 5 hops deep. Your coins can be frozen for their past activity. Even if they weren't in your control.

Ricochet Transaction

Ricochet adds 4 additional hops to a transaction

By adding additional hops before the coins reach their final destination, the blockchain spies would need to look 10 hops backwards, increasing their costs and overheads.

Ricochet Transaction

Not a silver bullet but a handy weapon

Ricochet doesn't solve the problem of blacklists but it does present a way to attack the way spies build black lists.

Hop 0 - The setup

The wallet collects the needed inputs and calculates the total miners fee for the entire ricochet. 0.001 BTC is sent to Samourai as a fee for the ricochet send. In this transaction we are sending 1.0005 BTC to 1kDEfCPVSXA5T173bjUY1ziiDhsJZhy8B

Ricochet Transaction
Hop 1-4

Each hop transaction contains one input and one output

Ricochet Transaction
Final Destination

The final transaction containing the correct amount. One input and one output.

Ricochet Transaction

Early Access Open Now

Samourai is available in the Google Play store